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Do twins have the same sized dick?

now we’re asking the real questions

As a twin, I can say my dick is definitely bigger than my sister’s.


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babydoll-was-fucked-w-a-knife-d asked: Feminists are now sending hate when they know where they can strike the person to the core. I suffer from anorexia, and I've probably gotten 10 hate mails in the last hour telling me I'm not worth anything unil I weigh nothing, I'm a fat cow, 90 pounds isn't bad just eat nothing stop complaining, and on and on, and it's just....why is it ok for them to whine and cry about supposed disorders they have, and then attack people who are really suffering?


Wow. absolutely disgusting. I truly hope you dont take anything they say to heart. If you need to take a break or take a step away from the computer, then do so. So much for equality and supporting women?

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See full resolution here: Dolphin


See full resolution here:

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1. Full name: Charmaine Marie
2. Zodiac sign: Libra
3. Three fears: Leeches, getting lost in the desert, people chasing me with bad intentions.
4. Three things I love: My mother, my brother, and great food.
5. My best friend: This guy.
6. Last song I listened to: Car Wash by Rose Royce
7. Four turn ons: Consistency, neck kisses, cuddling, and back massages.
8. Four turn offs: Bad hygiene, being a jerk for no reason, cockiness, and someone that can’t take a joke.
9: Color of underwear I’m wearing: They are pretty much a bunch of different shades of purple.
10. How many tattoos/piercings I have: I’ve had both my ears pierced and I have a tattoo between my shoulder blades. 
11. The reason I joined tumblr: To read other people’s thoughts, procrastinate, ignore life, vent, fan art, and the list goes on…
12. How I feel right now: Right now, I’m alright. Just kind of trying to distract myself.
13. Something I really, really want: To be more disciplined and to just have more will power so I can be the next Green Lantern.
14. My current relationship status: Zzzz.
15. Meaning behind my URL: For a long time I was obsessed with Alfred Wallace when I was younger, because I loved butterflies but I’d always spell his name wrong. So. That’s that.
16. My favorite movie(s): The Princess Bride, Drop Dead Fred, Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain.
17. My favorite song(s): Swim - Jack’s Mannequin, Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran, Snuff - Slipknot.
18. My favorite band(s): Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin.
19. Three things that upset me: Being emotionally taken advantage of, when something you really want goes on sale but you miss out, animal torture.
20. Three things that make me happy: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, matching underwear, travelling.
21. What I find attractive in other people: When you get to know them more, they get more attractive or not.
22. Someone I miss: My boyfriend.
23. Someone I love: Unconditionally, I love my brother.
24. My relationship with my parents: I have nothing to do with my father but my mother and I are trying, it’s rough but it’s getting better.
25. My favorite holiday: Any and every holiday, just anything to celebrate something. Positive things need to happen more often. 
26. My closest Tumblr friend: This guy.
27. Someone from Tumblr I’d date: This guy.
28. A confession: In August I flew over the sea and fell in love at a festival.
29. Three things that annoy me easily: Being asked if I’m grumpy in an immature voice when I’m not in a great mood, bad manners, people that chew with their mouth open.
30. One thing I’ve lied about: How many times have I made a huge withdrawal at the First Bank of Lies?
31. My pets: My axolotl, Jarvis.
32. My favorite animal: Dogs.
33. Something that’s currently worrying me: If the person I want to spend a lot of time with wants the same thing.
34. An embarrassing moment: My whole life.
35. Where I work: I want to work for Doctors Without Boarders or some clinic in some city somewhere.
36. Something that’s constantly on my mind: Him, if people notice I’m staring at them, him, him, being somewhere else, him, sex, him.
37. Three habits I have: Napping in the car, drinking from the carton because I don’t give a damn, having a pretty erratic sleeping schedule. 
38. Something I fantasize about: Having sex and pretty much just reminiscing about the past.
39. My future goals: Finish university, become a doctor, move to a city, move over seas, lose weight. Maybe not in that order.
40. My favorite store(s): Cheap as Chips, Priceline, Urban Outfitters, Or anywhere that sells food.
41. My favorite food(s): Watermelon, rice, lamb, cooked onion, adobo.
42. What I did yesterday: Tried to whiten my teeth, painted my nails, washed and treated my hair, studied, napped, read, played D&D.
43. Something I’m talented at: If being able to work yourself up until you become an emotional wreck is a talent.
44. My idea of a perfect date: Eating take out, watching action and comedy movies in out pyjamas until it gets dark, rough sex, and then cuddle until we both fall asleep.
45. My celebrity crushes: Rachael McAdams, Jennifer Lawrence, Ed Sheeran, Andrew McMahon.
46. A photo of myself: This guy.
47. Number of kids I want: As many as I can handle.
48. Do I smoke or drink: Eh, on very rare occasion.
49. My favorite thing to do on Tumblr: Read, reblog, write, read, reblog.
50. When do you plan to get married: Whenever it’s right, and the right someone asks.


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I will follow back everyone

I will follow back everyone

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Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Appreciation Post


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8-week-old pit bull pup and 10-week-old baby girl are best friends 


8-week-old pit bull pup and 10-week-old baby girl are best friends